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The steak proposal

It's the way to a man's heart

The steak proposal
27 February 2012

It's a leap year which means, in Britain, it's tradition for the women to do the proposing, on February 29th. Beefeater Grill has jumped at this opportunity by offering women a branded 7oz Rump Steak with the words 'Will you marry me?" to be served on the big day.

Amanda Barnett, a spokesperson for Beefeater Grill, said; “As all women know only too well, if we wait for the man of our dreams to make a move we could well be waiting for a long time!"

"So at Beefeater Grill, we’d like to offer a helping hand to those gutsy girls who are going to take a chance and tell their partners exactly how they feel. Break a leg ladies.”

Two courses, including the steak costs £10.99 ($17). Which seems a little tight for a proposal.

Via Newslite