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The slickest street style shots from London Fashion Week Men's

The real action happens outside the shows

The slickest street style shots from London Fashion Week Men's
10 January 2017

You’d think it’d be inside the walls of Fashion Week where the action goes on. But it’s actually on the streets outside where that magic happens, where proper, real people have made a conscious effort with their outfits instead of being paid by a brand to wear something, where buyers skulk around like stylish Gollums hunting ideas for next season’s trends from the currently weird tastemakers, who’ll then be hailed as early pioneers in the coming months.

Like most good things in life, it’s just right in front of you. So here a few of those key looks hidden in plain sight from London Fashion Week Men’s AW17 – and where you can steal them from.

Zip it

Mod-esque cycling tops in retro colourways will be a big look for 2017, which can be worn as a standout piece or layered underneath a jacket for extra warmth, which is probably a wise option considering the high probability of a nuclear winter coming our way when president-elect Donald Trump finally sits upon the Iron Throne.

Get on your bike over at Atomic Retro and nab the look (doesn’t matter if you don’t have a bike, carrying a helmet everywhere will do).

Fur sure

Ever seen a documentary where a bear hibernates for winter and thought, “I could go for a bit of that.” Well now you can-ish, as fur coats are no longer reserved for Disney villains and Seventies drug pushers – in fact, fur is being adopted into smartwear and streetwear this season, in everything from dapper overcoats to hiking style jackets.

Feel the fuzz and wrap up with a fur jacket from ASOS and lace up with a classic pair of Converse hi-tops.

Pretty in punk

Five years ago you would’ve been spat at for wearing a hand-painted leather jacket at London Fashion Week Men’s, as it was mostly a playground for formalwear rather than rebellious subcultures. But now with the return of Vivienne Westwood and the decline of suiting, it seems that punk is back where it belongs: on the streets and looking menacing.

Bag yourself a custom leather jacket from Laurie Lee Leather and make sure no one else has your look.

Men at (patch)work

Streetwear drops its clean aesthetic for a DIY approach with patchwork elements fused into padded outwear. Think East 17 meets the Sex Pistols. Then banish that hybrid from your mind forever.

Get some patchwork in your life with denim experts Waven and their woven kimono.

They were all yellow orange

This is what Keanu Reeves would’ve wore in The Matrix if instead of taking the red pill or the blue pill he opted to do a degree at Central Saint Martins instead. Besides, leather trench coats just make you look like you hang around in graveyards writing poetry about the pointlessness of life.

Keep yourself protected from the winter chill with hooded canvas jacket by The Workers Club.

Baggy trousers

Look at this guy’s face. This is the expression of someone that’s just been told his jeans aren’t wide leg enough, because this past year has seen our bottom halves get seriously relaxed, in both denim and formal trousers. Same goes with the length too, as cropped fits seem to be cropping up (eyyyyyyy) everywhere, meaning that this year you’ll probably look like a clown on the beach when the tide comes in, but in the coolest way possible.

Loosen up your look with a remastered pair of vintage jeans by Topman.

Tailoring is not dead yet

Traditional tailoring may be on the decline, but it can still look good if done right. It’s just got to have something unique about it. Like this gent, who looks like he’d have a Tommy gun as an accessory. Up your suiting game with retro pinstripes, turn ups, a double breasted blazer and looser fit to stand out from the plethora of men who have binge watched too much Mad Men.

Boardwalk Empire may have finished, but the style hasn’t over at Scandinavian tailors Suit Supply.

In the bag

2017 – the return of the man bag? It’s possible: backpacks have been flogged to death these passed few years, across streetwear with statement camo prints and smart with decadent leather textures. But it doesn’t look quite right taking your sad lunchtime sandwich out of a rucksack, it just looks like you’re at primary school. However, taking a peanut butter sarnie out of a textured croc leather style satchel is a different story entirely, and will make the most depressing of lunches a million times better.

Give your luggage a reptile makeover with a weekender bag from Mi Pac.