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The Slick Gadget-Charging Shelf

The Slick Gadget-Charging Shelf

The Slick Gadget-Charging Shelf
30 March 2015

While we might not be gifted in caring for plant life (how were we supposed to know a pot plant wouldn't thrive in a basement office?), we do have a knack for cultivating a forest of a more tech-driven nature: charging cables. 

Which is why we're hankering to install a Stage Interactive Shelf. 

Straight out of the Tony Stark interior design catalogue (which regrettably isn't an actual thing), the Stage shelf neatly conceals an array of cables with a sliding draw design. Pulling the shelf from the wall reveals a storage space that fits a five-plug charger unit, with enough room to stow your charging phones, e-readers and tablets. The top of the shelf also features a groove for propping up your devices, with a cutaway allowing cables to reach the top of the shelf as well. 

It's a simple, elegant design, which looks a darn sight more attractive than our current cable tie and blue tac solution. 

Available in a range of wood and glass finishes, you can order a Stage shelf for around £510 from the Netherlands design group Spell