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The skyscraper competition

Buildings we wish were real

The skyscraper competition
11 March 2011

Despite a few notable oddities, the art of the skyscraper is still depressingly generic. Vertical, square, small windows, they're making our skylines all rather boring.

Luckily we're not in the minority. Those clever chaps at eVolo, an architecture and design journal, launched a competition to recognise ideas that redefined the norm and this year, the entrants have been a brilliantly surreal bunch.

The year's winner is the LO2P Recycling Skyscraper, shown in the first image below, which resembles a sort of eco-friendly ferris wheel. The structure, to be constructed out of parts of recycled cars, would aim to help combat the pollution in New Delhi.

For now, the finalists are all just concepts but they'll fit perfectly into our Inception-style dreamscapes we're busy creating in bed.

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