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The Simpsons have created a rap dramedy called “The Great Phatsby”

Starring Snoop Dogg, Common and RZA

The Simpsons have created a rap dramedy called “The Great Phatsby”
17 January 2017

Halfway through the 28th season, The Simpsons have released their first ever hour-long episode on Sunday in the US - an Empire-esque rap version of the The Great Gatsby

The episode tells the story of two business moguls Mr Burns and Jay G, the former clinging to a lavish past life and the latter living one.

In an effort to relive his youth, Mr Burns tries to put on a party the likes of his heyday soirees, and one Baz Luhrmann would be proud of. But lacking in budget, the party bombs and Homer convinces him to crash someone else’s mansion party – Jay G’s.

Jay G

To the soundtrack of Jay Z’s Izzo as a flapper anthem, the characters mingle amongst Beyonce, Spike Lee, Flavor Flav and more. When they eventually meet spectacular host Jay G, it turns out Jay was inspired by a book Mr Burns wrote to work up from hustler to rap mogul.

The two characters strike up a friendship, and as Homer puts it, it’s an odd couple (kind of like the theme, tbh): “A man who signed Rick Ross and a man who dated Betsy Ross.”

The relationship blossoms, and then soon sours with betrayals exposed through diss tracks including verses by RZA, Common and Snoop Dogg.

Snoop, RZA and Common

The tracks are originals co-written by Empire’s Jim Beanz, who wrote 18 songs in total for the episode as well as a trap remix of the famous intro.

Beanz isn’t the only sign of Empire’s influence on this episode, Taraji P. Henson also guest stars as Praline (who has a likeness to her character Cookie).

The episode will air in the UK at a later date but in the meantime you can hear the intro like you’ve never hear it before: