The Secret To A Good Date Is The Complete Opposite To What You Think (Says Science)


Whether you’re a modern day Tinder go-getter or a traditionalist that does their flirting ‘IRL’ once you get down to the actual nitty-gritty of going on a date with someone, the challenges are the same. And very real.

Did you wear the right shoes? Was your joke about the leprechaun distasteful? Are you allowed to eat fish on a date? Oh god, did you just accidentally look down her top?

The internal battles that commence when trying to make a good impression are enough to enough to turn anybody into a nervous wreck.

But, according to a study published by the Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin earlier this year, researchers at the University of Queensland in Australia reckon we should probably worry a lot less.

In fact, if you’re conforming to what you think you should be saying and doing you’re probably making a mess of it.

The experiment looked to find out if straight-laced daters would be put off by someone generally classed as a ‘nonconformist’ over a ‘conformist’, believing that men would be more interested in looks than fun, quirky personalities and women would be more personality focused.

The result? Both men and women were more attracted to weirdos than perfectly turned-out daters with both sexes preferring to date people with ‘different’ personalities that may have taken their date on an unexpected course.

So, if you find yourself on a date this week make sure you bring out your inner weirdo. Wax lyrical about your obsession with Anthony Costa from Blue, tell them about the secret radio station you conduct in the shower every morning and definitely wear that hat your friends tell you off about.

Don’t hold back you bloody freak – get out there and embrace your quirks.

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