The Secret Codes And Symbols Of UK Burglars Revealed


A new breed of super burglars spotted operating in the north of the UK have developed their own criminal code. 

Used to communicate with fellow wrong’uns, the rudimentary icons are usually daubed on nearby pavements or walls and include everything from ‘alarm’ tip offs to letting other crooks know that the place has already been burgled. The most insulting of all the symbols obviously being the 'nothing worth stealing’ mark which, by the looks of the symbol, also doubles as ‘do not put in washing machine'.

Spotted last year by the Lanarkshire Police the symbols have now also been seen in Warwickshire. A mysterious chalk mark was discovered on a property in Shipston-on-Stour and reported to the police, only for the house to be broken into the very next day.

Make yourself criminally savvy with our guide to the code below...

                                      NOTHING WORTH STEALING

                                     NERVOUS AND AFRAID

                                         VULNERABLE TARGET

                                          ALARMED HOUSE


                                         TOO RISKY

                                        GOOD TARGET

                                           PREVIOUSLY BURGLED

[Via: Mirror]