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Every college nickname The Rock claims to have had

He mayyy have made a few of these up...

Every college nickname The Rock claims to have had
22 November 2018

Over the years, Rock Dwayne The Johnson has given himself one hell of a lot of nicknames. I noticed recently that he seems to be addicted to telling people that “[X] was my nickname at college…” He does it all the bloody time.

I used to believe him, that these nicknames were authentic. Those days are long gone. I think he’s doing it purely for the LOLs!

Here is a list of all the times The Rock has claimed that people used to give him some wacky nickname like ‘Mocha fap’ or ‘Big yummy muscles’. This is just the results of a Twitter search; God knows how many more claims he’s making in his private life.


Fun AF

Utterly delightful

Free and epic

Mocha fap


Smart and fun

Big yummy muscles

Dr Feel Good

Completely unhinged


The Rock’s penchant for nicknames did not end after he left college, for posterity here are some of the other monikers he goes by.

Summer popcorn thrill ride

Dewey, Ax and Spike

Franchise Viagra and The Franchise

Mr Low Profile

So dreamy

There we go. Make of that what you will.

Stay hungry, stay humble.

(Illustration: Dan Evans)

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