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The Robocop statue

Detroit celebrates their robotic hero

The Robocop statue
17 February 2011

While most cities content themselves with statues of literary icons or inventors we've kind of never heard of, the people have spoken and they want the Motor City to be watched over by someone who's part man, part machine and all cop. Otherwise known as Robocop.

It all started 10 days ago on Twitter when someone suggested that the Mayor of Detroit approve a statue of the legendary cyborg to commemorate his imaginary services to the city. The mayor was unenthused yet before he knew it, a site called was live and over $50,000 has been generated in support of the idea.

The Imagination Station, a non-profit organisation in Detroit, has offered a permanent space for it and the seven foot statue is currently in production.

Despite the fact that the 1987 film paints Detroit as a dirty, crime-ridden city on the verge of total collapse, it's clearly the first choice for its loyal residents. But then what films actually paint Detroit in a good light? 8 Mile? Assault on Precinct 13? Garfield: The Movie?

Yeah, maybe best to stick with Robocop.

(Image: All Star)