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The Old Spice duel

Best-smelling fight ever

The Old Spice duel
25 July 2011

It's a full-on internet battle between the Old Old Spice Guy and the New Old Spice Guy, played by the older Fabio. Confused?

Unless you're Amish, you'll be aware of the viral hysteria that took place then Old Spice decided to rebrand themselves, with help from the smug yet charming lothario Isaiah Mustafa.

Trying to muscle his way into the job, ageing model Fabio has began his quest to overtake Mustafa as the most offensively suave man on the block.

In this first video, you can see him proposing a duel:

Known for his speedy replies, Mustafa hotfooted it to his bathroom and came back fighting:

So today we can expect Mano A Mano in El Bano. Whatever the hell that means.

May the most deoderised man win.

(Image: YouTube)