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The Nike Roshe Dusty Cactus/Spruce Blue

The Nike Roshe Dusty Cactus/Spruce Blue

The Nike Roshe Dusty Cactus/Spruce Blue
Danielle de Wolfe
01 October 2014

Unless you once took a painful detour during the Death Valley Half Marathon, the words ‘cactus’ and ‘running’ shouldn't really mean much when paired together.

Until now, that is, as the latest spin on Nike’s popular Roshe Run silhouette sees the shoemaker douse those athletic shoes in Dusty Cactus and Spice Blue, which, as you can tell, make for quite the striking couple of jogging buddies.

Noticeably more heavily textured up top, those upper dimensions include a suede quarter panel of deep teal and leather swoosh, as the lighter lower layer brings in those all-important air pockets and more ultra-modern sports tech material, neatly finished by a sturdy orange outsole, packing some really nice traction on the bottom of the sole.

Best of all - should you ever get the lost in a cacti-filled desert, we imagine the sheer brightness of these trainers will stand you a much better chance of being found.

You can order them now from for £60 plus shipping