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The Nike Pegasus 83/30 Pure Platinum

The Nike Pegasus 83/30 Pure Platinum

The Nike Pegasus 83/30 Pure Platinum
28 August 2014

If, like us, you watched a lot of Hercules back in the day, you’ll know Pegasus as a horse with wings. It's also white but then what does that matter when you've the power of flight...

We digress. Given the resounding success of Nike Air’s Pegasus, we can only assume the Ancient Greek who thought up the flying stallion would be rightly chuffed if they knew their sartorial influence today.

Particularly with this, the Air Pegasus’s latest incarnation, an updated Pegasus 83/30 which marks the recent 30th anniversary of the shoe in some style.

Treated to a faux snakeskin Swoosh, the accentuation continues with cool grey on the heel and platinum on the surrounding meshes, while a neat white mid-sole ensures it retains a smart and not overly showy look.

Best of all, it's now exclusively available throughout Size? stores across the UK for £70. Snap a pair up while you still can.

Of course the best homage for Pegasus would be sandals, but we can't quite see Nike going for that.