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The name of the new Spider-man film has been revealed (and it hints at 4 very exciting things)

Including the potential bad guy

The name of the new Spider-man film has been revealed (and it hints at 4 very exciting things)

You may recall a few weeks ago the entirety of the internet descended into a frothy mess of spider-love when your neighbourhood's friendly Spider-man made a short (but sweet) appearance in the trailer for Captain America: Civil War.

This got people excited because firstly, it was awesome, and secondly, because there was something very exciting about the outfit that he was wearing (explained here).

And now, quick on the heels of that ‘first look’, it would appear that we also have a name for the upcoming hero flick based on a new web domain that’s been registered by the Sony studio that’s making the film:

Which seems slightly underwhelming (and a little bit like a bad pornographic film) but when you dig a little deeper it’s actually very exciting and could hint at quite a few things to come.

It’s probably based around a specific comic

During the 1980s there was a Spider-man storyline called “Homecoming.” So, either, the studio is incredibly unimaginative or they've gone right back to source material on this one. 

Spider-man will probably have some friends along

In the original storyline both Captain America and Iron Man appear alongside Spidey. Considering all of three superheroes will be starring alongside each other in the latest Captain America: Civil War film, it’s hardly a stretch of the imagination to assume they’ll crossover in the Spider-Man movie too.

Couple this with the knowledge that both Chris Evans (Captain America) and Robert Downey, Jr (Iron Man) have both suggested they’re about to film something together in Atlant, Georgia and it’s a good sign. Oh, did we mention that the filming location of the new Spider-man film is also ATLANTA, GEORGIA.

No we didn’t but there you have it. Spider-man, Captain America and Iron Man, being badass and shooting the shit in Atlanta, Georgia.

There’s probably going to be a pretty iconic bad guy

Yup, that’s right: Venom.

The original Homecoming story-line, more accurately called: The Amazing Spider-man #252: Homecoming, saw the first ever appearance of the venom symbiote suit which Spider-man actually wore for a little while before realising it was an evil living suit and got rid of it. Where it stuck to a Spider-man hater called Eddie Brock who became know as Venom.

But he probably won’t be the only bad guy

Because in the Homecoming comic Peter Parker is also hanging out with Curt Connors, a character that as we all know becomes the The Lizard. You knew that right?

If we were betting men (and we are), we’d say that the story line is going to feature a ‘cured’ version of The Lizard, who finds himself constantly battling his older evil self before eventually joining forces with Spidey to face a far superior enemy (possibly the Kingpin – meaning Daredevil might also pop-up…). Just like the comics. Sort of.

And then there’s The Avengers...

Because it just wouldn’t be a modern superhero film if absolutely everyone to ever wear a tight fitting suit wasn’t in it, only this time it’d be loyal to the comics rather than just a money-rolling shoehorn, the Homecoming story features appearances from, in no particular order: Captain America, Captain Marvel, Hawkeye, Iron Man, Wasp, Thor and Black Cat.

And that’s everything we’ve managed to gleam from a single word added to the end of a URL.

Let us know what your thoughts are in the comments below…