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The Mutants: the name of Marvel's X-Men movie may have been revealed

Marvel is rebooting the X-Men and we might now have a name.

The Mutants: the name of Marvel's X-Men movie may have been revealed
Marc Chacksfield
05 March 2021

Fox's X-Men movies are something of a mixed bag. The first two are masterpieces of their genre, weaving in heady themes amongst the normal big-budget special effects. The Last Stand is terrible and while First Class gave the series a younger, refreshed look that also fizzled out with Apocalypse which was an incoherent mess.

Now that Marvel has the rights to the characters once more - and, importantly, the word 'mutant' - we have been waiting for any snippet of information that might tell us what they have planned for Wolverine and the like.

And now we might have it: it's been revealed that Marvel head honcho Kevin Feige is indeed working on a new X-Men movie and, right now, it's titled The Mutants. This is according to a site called Theilluminerdi - and picked up by numerous other outlets - which says it has it on good authority that Feige is actively working to reboot the franchise for the MCU.

Take this all with a pinch of salt but given Marvel was forbidden to use the word mutant for so long (because Fox had the copyright), it would make a lot of sense that they would want to use the word as much as possible, possibly laughing at the power they now have over these things.

This isn't the only reboot happening. We already know that once director John Watts finishes his shift on Spider-Man No Way Home he is saddling up for the Fantastic Four. Whether the cast from Josh Trank's muted movie survive the transition isn't known but the big rumours suggest that wife and husband pairing Emily Blunt and John Krasinski will play Sue Storm and Reed Richards respectively.

As for the X-Men casting, well we have already chosen who should be the next Wolverine - you just have to vote which out of the 20 actors you would like to see don the claws.