The most watched show in the world has never been on TV and you’ve probably never seen it

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Nick Pope

If we asked you to guess the most watched show in the world (which we are, right now), you’d probably suggest Game of Thrones. That's all you and your co-workers have been yapping about for years now, after all. It’s just common sense, right?


According to entertainment site Mamamia, new Netflix original Fuller House is the most wildly popular show of 2016, drawing a mammoth 14.4 million viewers aged between 18 and 49 within 35 days of its February premiere.

And chances are, you don’t feature in those stats.

That’s because Fuller House is a reboot of American 90s classic Full House, a show that was never really picked up on our side of the pond.

Making a Murderer was the second most watched show, beating out House of Cards, Daredevil and Jessica Jones.

Do we suggest catching up on Fuller House? It doesn’t look great. But the original did feature Mary-Kate and Ashley doing this, so maybe you should give it a chance after all.


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