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The missing movies from Netflix's upcoming slate

How have these three films seemingly evaporated after being shot?

The missing movies from Netflix's upcoming slate
Andrew Williams
05 February 2024

Netflix has offered a preview of what’s coming later this year, but there are a few omissions that caused some raised eyebrows.

At the start of February, Netflix posted a teaser reel of some of the content coming this year, but fans noticed The Old Guard 2 was not on the list.

The film, a sequel to 2020’s well-regarded original, was pencilled in for 2024. But there has been little news of The Old Guard 2 since 2022, when Tudum posted on-set pics from the production.

The big question: has The Old Guard 2 been cancelled, or isi it just delayed?

The missing movies from Netflix's upcoming slate

It’s not the only film left off Netflix’s 2024 list either.

There was no mention of Chris Pratt vehicle The Electric State, or director Gareth Evans’s Havoc either.

Evans last mentioned Havoc on Instagram back in late 2022.

“Fully aware of my radio silence regarding Havoc for some time, just wanted to take the opportunity to update you all on the progress of the film having seen a number of questions pop up on a few of my posts lately.

"We’re still plugging away at it, doing all we can to make the film the best it can be. Part of that involves a small amount of additional photography that we are hoping to shoot soon - we’re almost there - but “almost there” still means it will be some time before the film is complete and ready for release,” Evans wrote.

The Electric State is a Russo brothers movie, currently listed as being in “post-production.”

As in all three of these films, the worrying part is that shooting has finished. So you’d assume the release wouldn’t be that far off, right?

It’s not always that simple, though. Just last month, Netflix cancelled Halle Berry movie The Mothership because its child actors were now too old to take part in the required reshoots.

Still, Netflix’s preview list of movies was not exhaustive so there’s still hope for these three films. Fingers crossed, eh?