This is what London's Tube map will look like in 2050


"Next stop: the future."

Google has shown us how we’ll soon be driving (or not). Amazon has illustrated how we’ll soon receive our parcels. And now London mayor Boris Johnson has shown anyone with an Oyster Card how they’ll be navigating the tube by 2050.

Yes, 2050, at which point the 187-year-old subterranean rail network will include Crossrail One and Two, a HS2 high speed trail link as well as a new overground line in Lee Valley. 

Lines which could help you reach the ‘new’ new Wembley to see Brooklyn Beckham manage Salford City to yet another Champions League title. Or to the 4D Odeon to see the latest reboot of Fantastic Four flop spectacularly for the fifth time.

Well the map on which you’ll one day plot such adventures is below, outlined as part of London 2050 transport plan, and assaulting our retinas with an extreme use of colour.

Here’s hoping we’ve discovered some new ones by 2080.