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Amazon's new delivery drones will reach you in 30 minutes

Amazon's next professional victim looks to be the humble delivery driver

Amazon's new delivery drones will reach you in 30 minutes
30 November 2015

Seemingly not content with eviscerating the book shop industry, Amazon's next professional victim looks to be the humble delivery driver - replaced by a 55mph, vertical take-off drone. 

The online retailer has unveiled its latest air delivery concept: Prime Air.

Flying packages of up to 25kg at an altitude of 120 metres within a range of 25 kilometres, you can expect a depot-to-garden delivery time of just 30 minutes - if the Prime Air drone service is available in your area.

While the demonstration video above - narrated by Amazon's man-of-the-moment Jeremy Clarkson - might appear to promise a ready-to-roll service, you're going to have a wait a little longer before your next purchase arrives from the skies. Amazon still has to clear a lot of legal logistics before the Prime Air service is even approved, and even then it might only be safe to use in rural areas. 

Still, it's only a matter of time before younger generations replace that "waiting at the letter box" tradition for one that watches the skies.