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The Limited-edition Gold Corgi Goldfinger DB5

The Limited-edition Gold Corgi Goldfinger DB5

The Limited-edition Gold Corgi Goldfinger DB5

It's going to be Bond crazy this year with Spectre due in November, and the iconic Goldfinger celebrating its 50th anniversary.

And to tie in with the latter, toy manufacturer Corgi, part of Hornby, are releasing a special limited-edition gold version of the famous Aston Martin DB5 from the movie.

It will be a rerelease of a model that originally went on sale at the time of the film's release. Although the DB5 wasn't gold in the film, Corgi was worried that people would think a silver car would look unfinished, hence the first run was made in gold, to fit in with the name. Later versions came in the standard silver. Original gold versions have been known to fetch up to £8,000 at auction.

The car, which features a driver (of course, originally Sean Connery was at the wheel), a working ejector seat, retractable front-mounted machine guns and a rotating number plate, was the star performer at January's London Toy Fair and is expected to be one of the year's best-selling toys, although it is limited to 12,000 models, with just 2,000 in the original gold.

The gold version is already sold out on preorder, with prices on ebay and other sites expected to exceed £100, but the silver version is available, complete with a retro-styled anniversary box, here, for £19.99.

If that wasn't enough, a special James Bond Spectre Scalextric is due to come out alongside the film in November. Drive yourselves crazy and get buying.

(Images: Corgi)

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