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The iPhone 7 is getting one major, awesome update

Maybe you'll want to get that upgrade after all

The iPhone 7 is getting one major, awesome update
15 July 2016

Things hadn't been looking all that exciting for the upcoming iPhone 7.

From the overly familiar case to the tweaked colour options, the only headline changes appeared to be a lack of headphone hole and a fancy camera on the larger Plus model.

However, the remarkably consistent Apple leaker Steve Hemmerstoffer (@onleaks) brings word of one serious boast Apple will be making with the new iPhone: it's set to have the largest battery upgrade in the handset's history.

Sources familiar with the new handset have told Hemmerstoffer (code for: he hacked their phones and threatened to delete their Pokémon GO accounts. Probably) will receive a battery increase of around 14 per cent over the iPhone 6S - a bump up from 1715 mAh to 1960 mAh in the 'regular' handset. 

Given that all subsequent leaks have pointed to the iPhone 7 keeping the same screen size as the current 6S, that means the battery boost won't have to go into powering any major new screen space. A new A10 chipset could also make the handset more power efficient, resulting in the handset's battery life creeping toward the holy grail of being able to survive an entire day of regular use without requiring a recharge!

Which is mad, but that's tech for you. 

[Via: Steve Hemmerstoffer]