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The Illuminum store

Exclusive fragrance lounge now open...

The Illuminum store
24 October 2011

Watching Illuminum skyrocket to fame over the last few months has been akin to watching our favourite unsigned band suddenly appear on Top of The Tops.

Inadvertent endorsements from the likes of James Franco (Arabian Amber) and some woman called Kate Middleton (White Gardenia) have helped spread the word and the fragrance brand’s new store set to open soon in a Georgian townhouse in London's Mayfair suggests the hype isn’t going to die down any time soon.

The Fragrance Lounge will cary all 16 of Illuminum’s lauded editions, some 32 candles, car ‘aromarizors’ (think upmarket Magic Tree air fresheners) and a selection of Haute Perfumes, exclusive to the destination boutique. Get there before the common folk do.

Illuminum Fragrance Lounge can be found at 41-42 Dover St. London, UK W1S 4NS;

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