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The greatest Playmobil sets

The greatest Playmobil sets

The greatest Playmobil sets

Sad news in Toy Town.

Horst Brandstaetter, creator of Playmobil and the hula hoop, has died aged 81. 

"Who?", you're probably thinking. Like you, right up until the family of the German toy inventor announced that Brandstaetter passed away after a short illness on 3 June, we hadn't heard of him either. Which, considering he supplied us with hours of core-building hula fun and some of the greatest childhood playsets ever made, is a crying shame. 

In tribute to the late, great Brandstaetter, we've delved into the nostalgic depths of Playmobil releases to bring you some of the finest plastic offerings of your youth. 

Adventure Set Pirates II

The Ferrari of the child's toy market, you were bound to lose part of the rigging after about a week of play time.

The Farm Set

The classic, now-rare Playmobil Farm 3716. You can practically hear the plastic "clunk" of the grain sack falling off the roof - again.

The Sheriff set

This town quite literally isn't big enough for the two of us.

The Native Americans set

One of the first lines launched back in 1974. Native Americans sold separately.

The operating room

"Scalpel... swab... plastic pincer things that probably do something quite useful..."

The City Action Police Station

Flashing lights! Real sirens! Cops and robbers! A bike rack! 

The Vuelta Cycling Tour

A Spanish exclusive, this model can fetch a fair amount on eBay now (boxed, obviously).

Knights Castle

Ages 4-10? You underestimate us, Playmobil.

Portable toilet

Because playtime needs to adhere to practical realism.

Tramp and policeman

Simply glorious.

Airport security

Further proof that 9/11 changed everything.


Actually, this is a Karstadt Gnome, dressed as a devil.

Skeleton Excavation Site

It might be from 2005, but this dino digging set was an instant classic. Kids these days don't know how lucky they are...

Hunter's Stand

Look at all the cute fluffy animals! Ignore the gun-wielding hunter with his beatific grin.

Hazmat Crew

Yes, that is a skull-and-crossbones hazard sticker. On a child's toy.