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The greatest movie mashup of all time now has a sequel

Hell's Club II is even more badassedly ambitious

The greatest movie mashup of all time now has a sequel
08 March 2016

Remember a few months ago when we showed you Hell's Club, an expertly crafted mashup of movie characters visiting the same nightclub and getting really, really aggro? The editing genius behind it, Antonio Maria Da Silva, is back with an even more ambitious cut-and-paste-and-tint-and-blur job, the seams of which are incredibly difficult to spot.

Who hasn't dreamed of Steven Seagal sharing the screen with Tom Hanks? Of Jack and Rose from Titanic being served a drink by Tom Cruise's grinning cocktail barman? There's so much more than that to enjoy in here. Competing Bonds, cross-era Travoltas, a multiple Patrick Swayze moment that might lead you to get something in your eye, Denzel Washington being a total boss and only a balls-tripping Raoul Duke aware that anything weird is happening. Fans of less popular films can also feel pleased with the love (or at least acknowledgement) that Howard The Duck, The Last Boy Scout and A Night At The Roxbury get.

The 18 minute clip took Da Silva hundreds of nights to complete, with 70 per cent of the shots containing elements from more than one film. "That goes up to seven films in a single frame," he says in an interview. "I try my best to erase the sutures between the films and I succeed most of the time. I want the audience to forget it is a mashup and feel like they're watching a fiction film that just got directed."

Amazingly, Da Silva is at work on a third entry in the series, tentatively titled Hell's Club: Ode To Joy, but first he has to finish his feature film project, Vitae Umbra. He's also in the very early planning stages of a spinoff set solely in the Hell's Club toilets...

Antonio Maria Da Silva, never change. You're the best nerd in the world.