The full 4 hour confession video of Making a Murderer’s Brendan Dassey is now on YouTube

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Calling all streaming sleuths – there’s been a new development with Making a Murderer.

As the fallout of the Netflix doc makes its way to The White House (a petition calling for Steven Avery and Brandon Dassey’s release from prison has just passed 100,000 signatures, meaning Barack Obama and his staff are now obliged to respond), one dispute which keeps cropping up is Dassey’s confession to the murder and rape of Teresa Halbach in Wisconsin in 2005.

To say the interview is contentious is an understatement: in the documentary series, evidence suggested officers exploited a vulnerable young man with learning difficulties into implicating himself and Avery for the crime.

Was it a forced confession? Or, as prosecutor Ken Kratz recently came out to claim, was the filmmaking biased, with the editors leaving out key evidence? Going some way to help establish some clarity, the full video of the youngster’s confession to the police has been released - all four hours of it.

Around the one-hour mark, the youngster talks to his mother Barb and claims he didn't do it. "They got in my head," he says, holding his head before another grilling.

It's a long old watch all right - but after piling through 10 hours of a single documentary in less than a week, you've no excuses. So stick the kettle back on, settle in, and recommence your role as an armchair detective.

[Via: Complex]


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