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The first trailer for 'Venom' is here... without Venom in it

He's Hardy there at all...

The first trailer for 'Venom' is here... without Venom in it
08 February 2018

The first trailer for Venom is here, the upcoming movie adaptation of the Marvel antihero starring Tom Hardy. There’s a lot more Hardy in it than Venom, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing - Tom Hardy’s good. Let’s take a look:

Some thoughts:

  • You only really see Venom, the alien symbiote thing, twice: in a big horizontal science-jar at 1:01 and snaking up Hardy’s neck when his face is all sped-up and glitchy at 1:18. 
  • Tom Hardy’s accent is interesting, isn’t it? It’s always interesting, Tom Hardy’s accent. He always makes some sort of decision with his voice and you think, “Hmm, that’s interesting”.
  • It’s not great, the accent.
  • It definitely seems like the hard R in “You’re something else” should be different. Right?
  • Maybe Venom isn’t really in it much. Like, maybe the whole film is Eddie Brock (Hardy’s character) becoming him.
  • Or maybe they just haven’t done the CGI yet and don’t want to put it out looking rubbish.
  • There’s also no sign of Woody Harrelson, who’s meant to be in it. Or Carnage
  • It seems to absolutely confirm that Michelle Williams is playing Anne Weying
  • There’s a brief glimpse of Riz Ahmed looking like a smooth corporate mofo. He’s playing Carlton Drake, leader of the sinister Life Foundation.
  • The Golden Gate Bridge sure is a nice bridge.
  • It seems like the alien symbiote arrives on Earth via some sort of accident, maybe a spaceship crash or something. This makes sense - in the comics Spider-Man brought it back from space, but this movie is said to exist in a separate continuity from Spider-Man: Homecoming, so they needed to come up with something else.
  • ’Fall’ isn’t as good as ‘Autumn’.

A proper full-length trailer is on its way soon, and might give us a better glimpse of the title character in action, but until then - yeah, this still looks good. 

Venom is out for real on 5 October.