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The first trailer for Cuckoo is here - and it might be this year's scariest horror

Hunter Schafer's thriller debut is about as is odd as it gets

The first trailer for Cuckoo is here - and it might be this year's scariest horror

The first trailer for impending horror Cuckoo has landed - and it has us rubbing our hands with glee thanks to its truly bizarre and sinister premise.

Lining itself up to be one of this year's most sinister thrillers, this horrific show of force from writer and director Tilman Singer.

Starring Euphoria actress Hunter Schafer, this hotly anticipated release sees the 25-year-old actress step into the shoes of 17-year-old Gretchen who moves to a new town (never seen that one before).

Whisked off to live with her father - Gretchen's parents are played by Jessica Henwick and Martin Csokas - the film's backdrop is a sleepy, butter-wouldn't-melt resort whose population oddly seem to know her, despite it being her first visit.

Picture rolling hills and the idyllic slopes of the German Alps - but the locals aren't Gretchen's primary concern.

Cue Cuckoo really coming into its own, complete with bloody visions, truly bizarre sounds that are guaranteed to induce goosebumps and an odd figure that appears to be relentlessly pursuing her.

Oh, and then there's a rather sinister Dan Stevens.

“How would you like to come work for me at the resort?” Stevens asks in the trailer, a sinister intro to what looks set to be a horrifying ordeal - and we're here for it.

A plot that centres around a dark secret that connects the twisted patrons of this resort with her own family, there's no getting away from the impending horror that's about to land on our screens.

Cuckoo's first trailer lines it up to be one of this year's most sinister offerings, with Singer's writing prowess using his bizarre 2018 German horror pic "Luz." as a launchpad.

“Why did you bring us here?” Schafer asks, a line that set to be a takeaway from this thrilling ride.

The Hollywood Reporter described the film, which made its debut at SXSW earlier this year, as a "cult".

“In Schafer and Stevens, it has two fiercely compelling adversaries," it wrote. "It’s ultimately too silly to be truly chilling, but with Neon behind it, Cuckoo might just be cuckoo enough to draw some cult attention.”

Cuckoo's trailer is out now and lands in UK and US cinemas on Friday, August 9.

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