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The first Glastonbury headliner has been announced

And it's an old favourite

The first Glastonbury headliner has been announced

Despite initially feeling that their 1997 performance at Glastonbury was 'a disaster', it's since gone down as one of the greatest sets in the festival's long and illustrious history.

And, 20 years on, Radiohead will be back for another shot at the Pyramid stage, after being confirmed as the first headliner at Worthy Farm next June.

They'll headline on Friday 23 June, which will be their third bill-topping slot, following their return in 2003.

The band's appearance was confirmed via a tweet from the festival's account, featuring their famous logo:

Their 1997 performance came the week that OK Computer was released - an album that has consistently been ranked as one of the greatest ever released.

Earlier this year, guitarist Jonny Greenwood told the BBC about his memories of the show, saying, "I just remember it being very stressful and the monitors breaking and Thom walking off because he couldn't hear anything and it just being a disaster! It was pretty bad. It was like, "We can't hear ourselves, and we don't know what's coming across," and then I remember asking Andy Watson, our lighting guy, to illuminate the audience so we could finally see them. I remember that. You can't hear what you're playing and you hope everyone is hearing each other and that something is coming across, but it was a struggle."

For those watching in the fields and on TV, though, it was era-defining.

Let's hope they can summon up some of that magic again next summer.