The 'Damn Daniel' kids have done something brilliant with their Internet fame

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Nick Pope

Damn Daniel. Like, genuinely. Daaaaaaamn.

When American high school student Daniel Lara, 14, found internet fame last month for his incessant wearage of white Vans, we assumed that the hilarity and hype wouldn’t last for long.

As with any other meme-based celeb, we thought he’d eventually be tossed into the graveyard of former internet stars, free to enjoy his lifetime’s supply of Vans to the smooth, 24/7 soundtrack of Chocolate Rain.

But Daniel had different plans. Alongside his co-creator and friend Joshua Holz, 15, the pair decided to give away 100 pairs of their free Vans to patients of the Loma Linda University Children’s Hospital.

Not only that, but the Vine sensations also met with fans and gave away goodie bags with signed autographs.

Daniel told Los Angeles Daily News: 'We thought it was important to do some charity work and give back to the local community. We're enjoying it. We're enjoying being here. This is a great experience.'

Damn Daniel, back at it again with the brightening up our weeks. Good stuff, guys.