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The cupcake sausages

This has actually happened

The cupcake sausages

Before the internet, it feels as if the world of food was severely unexplored or at least depressingly conservative in public.

But here in 2012, we've jumped right off the deep end, swam in shark-infested water and then repeated the same activity on a daily basis.

In other words, food has got a little crazy of late. Don't believe us? Well how about the words cupcake and sausage being used in the same fricking sentence?

This gastronomic monstrosity was an idea hatched up by Stefani Pollack at The Cupcake Project who decided to fill sausage casing with cupcake batter. Just because.

She calls the creation the Cupcakewurst and even, Christ almighty, put the damn thing in a roll with faux-ketchup, aka raspberry sauce, on top.

We're angry, confused, upset and we really want to try one. If you fancy making them for yourself then check out the full details here.

(Images: J. Pollack Photography)