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The coolest hip flask you don't own

The coolest hip flask you don't own

The coolest hip flask you don't own
11 November 2013

Chances are you've got a hip flask kicking about your room somewhere, accruing dust and failing to carry your favourite tipple. If you're anything like us, you probably discarded it after it ruined the flavour of your favourite malt whisky.

The HIPP Titanium hopes to restore our faith in the abilities of the hip flask thanks to its handsome wedge design and premium build material. Unlike lesser metals, titanium is anti-corrosive, lacksing that drink-ruining metallic smell and flavour, and is non-allergenic. It's also ridiculously strong, meaning we'll struggle to dent it and shed its precious cargo should we drop it in a careless moment of partying. Again.

Currently a Kickstarter project, HIPP Titanium is shuffling its way toward its final goal with an attractive array of pledge offers - £60 gets you a 4oz flask with coloured silicone grip, while £65 buys you 6oz.

We're keeping everything crossed that the HIPP meets its goal and we find ourselves with a wedge-shaped present under the tree this Christmas.

(Images: HIPP Titanium; Kickstarter)