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The Commodore 64 is coming back - and you can make your own games

64 games built in, or make your own

The Commodore 64 is coming back - and you can make your own games
26 June 2019

Retro consoles tend to be like the chocolate bars you remember from the same era: they seemed a whole lot bigger at the time. The SNES Mini, the PlayStation Classic and the upcoming Mega Drive remake have all made a virtue of being cute-as-a-button downsized replicas of their predecessors.

Not so the C64. It’s just as big and unapologetically bulky as you remember it. Only now it’ll play things in glorious high definition.

Sixty-four things, to be precise. The C64 lives up to its name by coming complete with 64 titles out of the box. Just like the original, it’s a full sized keyboard you need to connect to a display, and just like the original you can make your own games in BASIC if you don’t fancy the selection included.

Whether you will or not isn’t something we can answer right now, because Retro Games hasn’t provided a full list, though you can get a glimpse at some of them in the trailer above. You’ll also be able to load games from a USB drive, connected via one of the system’s four USB ports. It’ll even come with a classic joystick to play them just as you remember.

It’s coming December 5, priced at £109.99, just in time for you to have a full 80s Christmas with a Commodore 64 waiting under the tree. Hopefully the experience will be good enough to guarantee it a spot on our round up of the best retro consoles