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The Chickening is the craziest remix of The Shining you will ever watch

This film will change your life

The Chickening is the craziest remix of The Shining you will ever watch

Well... where do you even start? We're not sure you'll ever be quite prepared to watch The Chickening.

This surreal remix of The Shining is set to be a viral sensation after finally being uploaded to YouTube.

Originally premiered at Fantastic Fest 2015, it takes the Stanley Kubrick classic and retells the story of Jack Torrance moving to become the senior night manager of a giant chicken factory built on an active volcano. It's been directed by Toronto-based filmmakers Nick DenBoer and Davy Force and was first planned to be a 22-minute long remake before they settled on a shorter, 5-minute long version, making it in their spare time.

They received permission from Warner Bros to reuse the original footage for their project - check out a full interview and background to it here.

Rather than us explain it, you just need to see the madness unfold. You can read the full, insane, plot synopsis below, which helps to make some sense of it - but be warned, this film will change your life.

Jack Torrance takes a new job as senior chief night manager for “Charbay’s Chicken World” —a state­-of­-the-­art, volcano­-fried, fast-food poultry production facility and resort strategically built on an active volcano. Jack travels to the remote facility with his wife, Wendy, and 42­-year-­old man­-child son, Danny.

During orientation, Mansturd Nurlman (regional manager of Charbay’s) mentions a new experimental product that is currently under development: “The Shiny” — a brand new BBQ sauce created in the research laboratory deep within the radioactive volcano. Strange things start happening to Jack after he tries the sauce, and he slowly begins morphing into a chicken creature and becomes unstable and aggressive.

Scatmok (a hyper­dimensional alien) conspires with Danny and his little friend Tony (a snarky Italian man who happens to be Danny’s index finger) to steal the recipe for “The Shiny” but their plan is compromised when they realize the horrific side effects of the experimental BBQ sauce. Danny and Scatmok decide they must destroy the BBQ sauce pipeline in order to stop the spread of this condition that has mutated Danny's father. 

Meanwhile, Jack has learned some of the restaurant's darkest secrets from some of the other employees, including a potential cure for his condition. In the end, the restaurant is destroyed in a spectacular exploding BBQ sauce conflagration, with Wendy, Danny, Tony, Scatmok and a now­-cured but frozen­-solid Jack, who grumpily curses his former employers as they drive off in the Beak-Machine into the sunset.