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The coolest new titles on Netflix this July

The coolest new titles on Netflix this July

The coolest new titles on Netflix this July

So sprawling is the choice of the streaming minefield of Netflix, sometimes it’s hard to know exactly what to stick on when looking for some viewing pleasure.

As a lower tier football manager would say of a healthy squad, it’s a good problem to have – but here we’ve helped you whittle the list down some more, selecting only the freshest and most acclaimed films and TV shows we deem worthy of your time.

Some classics, others so fresh from the cinema you can probably still smell the popcorn, it’s a great mix, ensuring you'll have something to glue you to the sofa.

So sit back, fire up the TV and let us provide you with the best Netflix picks this month...

Stranger Things

This supernatural thriller set in 1980s Indiana sees Winona Ryder's return to TV as an overworked mother of two boys. But she isn't the most nostalgic thing about this eight-hour series, which critics claim echos E.T and Jaws in its cinematography. Expect mystery, secret experiments, and one strange little girl. 

Watch it here from Friday 15th July


Fans of dark comedy will love this French series about a crime scene cleaner who gets involved with a powerful mob boss thanks to his irresponsible brother. The show currently has a whopping 100% rating from critics on Rotten Tomatoes - need we say any more?

Watch Spotless here now

Summer of 92

If there's one thing the world, and you, yes, you personally, don't have enough of, it's sports comedies. Based on the true story of how Danish football manager Richard Nielsen brought his unprepared, underdog team to glory in the 1992 European Championship Finals, this film is a must-see for any football fan. 

Watch Summer of 92 here

BoJack Horseman Season 3

You know the deal now. Depressive cartoon celebrity horse, biting wit, and the occasional mag-neigh-ficently profound observation. Season 3 is set to be just as weirdly tragic and tragically weird as ever, and you can catch it on Netflix from next week. 

Watch Bojack Horseman Season 3 here from 22nd July


This exceptionally dark mini-series is so stylized that it's shot entirely in black and white. The plot is basically a reverse Breaking Bad, as a cop with a fatal diagnosis decides to undertake a dangerous drug-busting mission. 

Watch Deep here now

The Human Experiment

One of those documentaries that will make you change your life (at least for an hour), this Sean Penn film explores the untested chemicals that are in all of our everyday products. Whilst the stories told tend to be more anecdotal than scientific, the film is nonetheless an interesting beginner look at a questionable industry. 

Watch The Human Experiment from 17th July


This brand new comedy drama is a flipped Juno for Ellen Page, as she plays a character who steals a baby rather than gives one up. It's a must-see for anyone after well-written, realistic female characters which, hey, yes, should be everyone. 

Watch Tallulah here from 29th July

Brahman Naman

"Bunch of boys try to lose their virginities" is by now a pretty established film genre, but this Indian comedy set in the 1980s provides significantly more laughs than this well-worn plot path would suggest. The film follows all-male college quiz team trying to win a nationwide championship, and is way cruder and ruder than that simple sentence implies. 

Watch Brahman Naman here now

NSU German History X

As you might expect from a true-crime drama following the rise of the National Socialist Underground in 1990s Germany, this film is violent, upsetting, and gritty. But if you thought cold blooded murders were as scary as it got, then just wait till you see the government conspiracy that attempted to cover them up. 

Watch NSU German History X here

The Wicker Man

We're not claiming it's good. We're not claiming it's worth your time. But when an unintentionally hilarious Nic Cage film lands on Netflix, you're pretty much obligated to watch. We're there for the bees scene alone. 

Watch The Wicker Man here now


This documentary following America's first white mariachi singer is far grittier and sadder than it first sounds. Matthew Stoneman, i.e. Mateo, is on a quest for fame that is hindered by his criminal past, love of women, and estranged friends. 









Watch Mateo here now