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The best man treatments in St Lucia

The best man treatments in St Lucia

The best man treatments in St Lucia

If you're thinking of taking a Caribbean holiday then chances are, you're not looking for a particularly strenuous vacation. In fact, you're probably hoping to be in such a state of deep relaxation that leaving will feel like an utterly inhumane act of depravity.

We agree. Which is why our recent stay at The BodyHoliday was centred around feeling as calm as possible. This involved a) alcohol, b) ignoring work emails and c) a series of relaxing spa treatments.

Here are the four we would heartily recommend.

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Deep Tissue Masssage

If you ask us, and well by reading this you're sort of doing that, a massage should be focused on releasing tension rather than making you feel like having a nap. The deep tissue massage, also known as the sports massage, is therefore exactly what the doctor (would probably have) ordered. An intense full-body treatment which involves elbows being used as a ferocious weapon, it's not for everyone but it's ideal for any lingering aches or pains that you'd like temporarily relieved.

Gentleman's Facial

Despite what the title suggests, you don't actually get to smoke a cigar and shoot deer while your face gets pampered. You do however get a facial that's tailored towards men. This means it's suited for sensitive skin as we're a bit less used to being prodded around by a specialist. It's also billed as a "soothing marine facial" which means your face is also covered in a seaweed-based paste. Yes it smells but yes, given the smooth finish, it's worth it. Note: if they ask to remove any blackheads, be prepared for life-changing pain.

Bolus Bag Massage

Another rigorous massage here but this one is based around the Ayuverda school of wellbeing, an ancient Indian system based around "the art of living wisely". What this translates to, in massage terms, is a rather unique treatment which combines vigorous hand movements with the titular bolus bags. They're warm muslin bags containing a mixture of herbs and the whole procedure revolves around identifying and alleviating nerve cramps, turning your masseuse into a sort of back detective. It's a firm, practical experience that stands out as a change from the norm.

Thalgo Three Algae Body Wrap

Not recommended for those with an aversion to sea-based smells, this body wrap contains three different types of algae. That means that yes, it does smell a bit fishy. But once you get past that, it's a treatment with a multitude of uses. Whether you're looking for a skin detox, weight loss or relaxation, your treatment will be customised to fit in with your request. It's a slightly odd sensation, having a thick paste slathered all over your body but post-shower, the moisturising benefits really do show.