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The Most Weird And Wonderful iPhone 6S Accessories

The Most Weird And Wonderful iPhone 6S Accessories

The Most Weird And Wonderful iPhone 6S Accessories

What do you mean, you've only really been using your iPhone 6S for WhatsApp and selfies? 

There's a wealth of accessories out there ready to give your iPhone a new life, adding new functionality to Apple's sublime gadget.

Take a look at some of our favourites...

FLIR One thermal camera

  • Provides an instant view of thermal energy around you
  • Ideal for spotting electrical faults, leaks and nocturnal activity - or just taking insane videos and photos
  • Runs on a built-in battery, so it won't drain your own handset


Ampwear Case

  • Portable crank handle that allows you to charge your phone wherever you are
  • No need for carting a charge cable in your back pocket/praying to the Apple gods to allow two per cent of battery find you an Uber home


Pencil (not the Apple Pencil)

  • The best stylus for the iPad
  • Intuitive, pressure-sensitive 'nib'
  • Paired with the free app 'Paper', it's a creative dream



  • Like a selfie-stick, but less shit
  • Adds a handle to your phone
  • Genuinely useful if you keep dropping your phone


Concrete Skin

  • Tough, concrete-like build
  • "Unique, one-of-a-kind craters!"
  • It'll protect the back of your phone if you drop it on concrete


Griffin Survivor Summit

  • Survives a three-metre drop
  • Sealed, dust/rain/mud-proof design
  • Rotating holster clip


Logitech Keys-To-Go

  • Hardy, compact Bluetooth keyboard
  • Massive three-month battery life
  • Also compatible with iPad and Apple TV


Griffin Identity Case

  • Two-piece design with card slot and magnetic front cover
  • Doubles as an angled prop case
  • Raised edge to protect screen


Sugru mouldable glue

  • Essential for fixing a weak iPhone charging cable
  • Create custom "hooks" or stands for your phone
  • Affix to broken buttons


Moshi SenseCover

  • 'Slide to unlock' works when the case is closed
  • Transparent screen window for caller ID and time
  • Magnetic cover


Withings scales

  • Records and analyses your fitness via accompanying app
  • Provides full details on body composition, including fat and muscle stores
  • Creates profiles for up to eight users



AMP case

  • Adds an audio processor to your iPhone, for better music through your headphones or via the speakers
  • Additional speakers for play sessions/annoying everyone on the bus

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Mobi Pro Wi-Fi SD Card

  • Stores your camera photos directly to your iPhone via wi-fi
  • 32GB of storage to boot
  • Compatible with old and new iPhones (and any other wi-fi device)



  • Useful for regulating sleep patterns, security, proper mood lighting
  • Easy to set up and control via iPhone
  • Compatible with some video games and TV shows


Clic Marble case

  • Genuine layer of marble
  • "Cold touch"!
  • "Unique veins"!



  • Tracks sleep patterns and provides tips on how to improve them
  • Includes a sleep sensor for under your mattress and light for gradual wake up - all controlled by an iPhone app


olloclip Photo Lens

  • Camera lens for both front and rear iPhone 6S camera
  • Features fisheye, wide-angle, macro 10x and 15x lenses
  • No batteries or power required