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The Best Earphones Under £30

The Best Earphones Under £30

The Best Earphones Under £30

Those free earphones you got when you changed bank accounts back in 2009? 

Ditch them. They're muck. Worse than muck, in fact; they're ruining your musical experience on a daily basis.

You don't need to blow a week's wages to track down a decent set though - you can pick up some seriously impressive little sound canons for the same as a round at that inhibitively expensive pub your mates insist on going to every Friday.

Having plugged a range of affordable earphones into our, well, ear holes, we've picked out our favourites for under £30. Happy listening.

Philips SHE9105

Price: £29.99

Features: In-line mic and remote

Philips' latest budget earphones certainly don't skimp on detailing: plastic sheaths protect the delicate points where cables meet ends, the right-angled jack lead will survive the most severe of tanglings.

Amazon Premium Headset

Price: £19.99

Features: Magnetic earbuds and flat cables

Amazon's "Premium" earphones won't blow any studio producers away with their sound quality - it's solid, clean noise. It's the magnetic ends of the earbuds that are worthy of respect: by clipping the earphones together, you're able to reduce the faff of untangling these buds every time you fish them out of your jacket pocket. Sensible stuff.

Brainwavz Delta IEM

Price: £19.90

Features: Aluminium build

First released back in 2013, the budget offering of Brainwavz simply shouldn't sound as good as they do. They're a cheap earphone from a name you've never heard of, but they manage to outperform more expensive models from well-respected names.

SoundMagic E10 In-Ear Earphones

Price: £29

Features: Metal build

A long-time favourite of What Hi-Fi? magazine, SoundMagic must actually use some sort of dark arts to make this amount of metal sound so full. A rugged build with a reinforced cable, they'll probably outlast the device you plug them into.

Sony MDR-EX650 Earphones

Price: £28.33

Features: In-line mic

A reliable sound from a reliable name, Sony's MDR-EX650 (catchy) have crept down in price since they were first launched last year - but that shouldn't put you off. The best looking earphones in our collection, with a metal build and a decent in-line mic, these are a bargain for under £30.