The £7,000 'Supercar' E-Bike


Ever wondered what the bicycle world’s answer to a supercar would be? Well here comes the La Bicicletto, with bells on. Note: it doesn't actually have bells on.

The masterminds behind this new e-bike belong to luxury Italian car factory SPA (Società Piemontese Automobili), who have mustered their experience of souping up smog-inducing four-wheelers for a few decades into crafting a vehicle that bit more environmentally friendly.

One part e-cycle, one part light cycle - let's face it, it’s a damn sight better than that time you added racing stripes to your battered Raleigh Max. It doesn't even need pedal power either, boasting a 500W engine that allows riders to achieve 50km worth of distance on electricity alone (well, even more if you travel mostly downhill).

And much like a brawny sports car, it does not come cheap (prices start from £7,200), though at least people won’t think you’re an absolute arse for driving one.


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