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The 36,000 calorie gummy python

The 36,000 calorie gummy python

The 36,000 calorie gummy python

There's something dangerously moreish about gummy sweets. In fact, a bag of Haribo lasts approximately 0.4 seconds in the ShortList office*.

But even our sweet tooth would have problems with this chap.

The 'Party Python' is a new product from Vat 19, an online retailer who seem to specialise in really odd things. It's a 26-pound, 7-foot long monster that contains 36,000 calories and 12 pounds. In other words, it would probably kill you but oh, what a way to go.

It's estimated that the python wold provide 306 servings though so, providing that you're blessed with a coachload of greedy friends, then you'll be able to share the dental concerns with them.

If you fancy picking one up for your next shindig then click here. Each snake costs a whopping $149,99 (£94).

* this has not been officially measured