Revealed: The 20 cheapest places in the world to have a pint


"The world is a book and those who do not travel drink only one pint." This is at least half of a quote by St Augustine, and it certainly is an inspiring reason to seek out all the corners of the earth.

But in case you needed some extra persuasion, GoEuro have compiled their 2016 Beer Price Index, a ranking of 70 countries from those with the most expensive to cheapest bottles of beer.  

We've rounded up the 20 cheapest here for your Stag Do and summer holiday needs, but be warned: ain't no England on this list. London is ranked in 53rd place, with a bottle of beer costing an average of £3.36, and Manchester isn't much better with its £2.94 offerings. Nevermind, we've always wanted to go to Bratislava anyway.