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The 15 best caps in movie history

We count down the best in casual headwear from the big screen

The 15 best caps in movie history
12 July 2017

Whether you're popping out unkempt to the shops for a pint of milk or to the pub with your mates, baseball caps are a staple headwear piece in modern society that can be worn anywhere and everywhere.

Need some inspiration to make your next cap purchase? Here we tip our… erm… caps to the best baseball caps in movies, from Forrest Gump to Alien.


No one has ever fought a shark in a bucket hat. Here, Quint from Spielberg's classic thriller shows that just because you're at sea doesn't mean you have to adhere to cliched headwear.


Billy Beane's intelligence stretches far from baseball into style, as he's cracked the existential dilemma of whether you do your hair or wear a hat. CHOOSE BOTH!


Before M. Night Shyamalan unleashed The Last Airbender (*shudders*), he showed the world that not all heroes wear capes...sometimes they wear caps and waterproof ponchos.

Boyz n the Hood

Ice Cube knows you're staring in envy at his hat. Stop making it so obvious and move along now.

Back to the Future II

Everyone has difficulty selecting their favourite installment of the Back To The Future franchise, but the second chapter's depiction of futuristic fashion through holographic hats is definitely more wearable than the '50s outfits of its predecessor and the cowboy getups of its successor.

Jurassic Park

Jeff Goldblum is not staring in amazement at the dinosaurs of screen, he's wondering how he can get his hands on that light khaki baseball cap with the official Jurassic Park logo, worn by the driver.


How did Alien's engineering technician Samuel Brett foresee how everyone in East London would be dressing in 2016 way back in 1979?

Over The Top

Not many people can pull off the backwards cap look without appearing like some Eighties douchebag high school bully, but Stallone as Lincoln Hawk nails it.

Indiana Jones And The Temple Of Doom

Everyone gives credit to Indie for having the best hat, but we're giving our vote to Short Round's NY baseball cap. He also gets our backing to replace Shia LaBeaouf in the next movie, because Crystal Skull was all kinds of awful.

Forrest Gump

Forrest's coolest phase in the movie, where he looks like a homeless Jesus/most modern men today with his oversized beard and Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. hat.

Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back

We think the rise of Pokémon Go has made turning your cap backwards seriously stylish again, because when Ash Ketchum turns that peak you know shit is about to go down. We salute you Silent Bob, you're relevant again.

Wayne's World

October is right around the corner, and if you're looking for a lazy Halloween outfit, Wayne's hat is only a couple of eBay clicks away. Suggest the duo cosplay to someone else first so you don't have to wear a ridiculous blonde wig all night.

Straight Outta Compton

It must be terrifying to play your dad in a movie, especially when your dad's rap god Ice Cube. But O'Shea Jackson Jr did a smashing job in the biopic, looking the part with his Jheri curl and LA Raiders snapback.

Eight Men Out

A rare sight: a baseball cap actually being used in a game of baseball worn by D.B Sweeney's Shoeless Joe Jackson. 

The Odd Couple

Felix is in pain because he doesn't own a hat as cool as his roommate Oscar's, not because of the Vulcan death grip.