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The 10 best-dressed men at Comic-Con 2016

It's not all geeky t-shirts & fancy dress at the world's most famous convention for comics & movies

The 10 best-dressed men at Comic-Con 2016
25 July 2016

Think Comic-Con is all fancy dress made by people's mothers and video game t-shirts? Well a lot of it is - not going to lie - but there's a well-dressed side to it, too.

A load of stars were out in force at this summer's event in dapper tailoring, retro band tees and more stylish outfits that will change your perception of the world's most famous comic book convention.

Chris Pine

His handlebar facial hair might be a little odd since he's not a 50 year old Hell's Angel, but his wide lapel navy blazer and knitted tie with gold clip more than makes up for it.

Jason Mamoa

Aquaman, the talking fish superhero, is undoubtedly lame. However, Jason Mamoa might be able to bring some credibility to him if he can bring some vintage band tees and fedoras to Atlantis.

John Stamos

Is Stamos doing a mild Hunter S. Thompson cosplay with his clear amber sunglasses and snakeskin boots or is he just going to shoot some bottles in the desert and drink some Budweiser? Hopefully both.

Andrew Lincoln

The Walking Dead star ditches the bloody post-apocalyptic attire for a sharp charcoal suit with wide lapels.

Zachary Quinto

Spock goes electric blue with his tailoring at the premiere of Star Trek Beyond. A logical choice *attempts Vulcan salute*.

Justin Timberlake

Why is the pop singer at Comic-Con? He's a massive My Little Pony fan apparently, but we'll let that slide since his adidas trainers are so fresh.

Idris Elba

Why is Idris wearing shorts to a premiere? Because he damn well can, that's why. He might not be the next James Bond, but at least he has one of the whitest shirts in existence.

Tom Felton

100 points to Slytherin (sorry Tom, not going to live that down) for this casual combo of an oversized black jumper and cropped trousers.

Jared Leto

His manners might be atrocious, but the Suicide Squad anti-hero knows how to pull off a statement souvenir jacket.

Michael B Jordan

The Creed actor will be starring in the new Black Panther movie, so it might've been more fitting to wear a jumper with said animal on, but this Coach dinosaur sweater is such a luxury flashback to our childhood that we'll let him off.