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Meet Mohiussunnath Chowdhury - Britain's stupidest terrorist

This is like something out of 'Four Lions'

Meet Mohiussunnath Chowdhury - Britain's stupidest terrorist

It turns out that Four Lions might have had it right, after all. The film, which follows four hapless terrorists as they bungle their way through a suicide bomb plot, is hilarious, a little scary, and, apparently, very realistic.

Like the latest in incompetent terrorist news: only last Friday, an attempted act of terrorism was carried out by 26-year-old Mohiussunnath Chowdhury, when he was arrested outside Buckingham Palace with a samurai sword. Not arrested with a samurai sword, arrested because he had a samurai sword.

He first drove his car into a marked police car before being tackled and sprayed with CS gas. So yeah, he didn’t get far with this attack, but it’s what he did prior to his stint in London that’s of more note.

After seizing his car, the police looked at his sat nav and dash-cam to work out his movements, and what they found was, well, hilarious. He had originally meant to head to Windsor Castle, which was input into his GPS, only, whoops, he ended up going to a pub called The Windsor Castle. He drove all the way from Luton to go to a pub (we’ve all done it).

Obviously, he then realised his mistake and headed up to central London instead, for some reason. He drove in a loop around Constitution Hill before coming to a stop and getting arrested. A good day out, all in all.

Chowdhury appeared at Westminster Magistrates Court (not the pub) on Thursday, charged with one count of preparing to commit an act or acts of terrorism.

(Image: Rex)