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A terrifying urban legend has come true in Singapore

Brb, never getting on a bus ever again

A terrifying urban legend has come true in Singapore
21 September 2017

You know the old urban legend - the one about scary people sticking diseased needles inside cinema seats so you get pricked when you sit on them? Well, not to burst your calm safety bubble or anything, but it’s sort of happened in real life now. Yeah, I know.

I say “sort of”, because it’s not a cinema, and it’s not a diseased needle, but it’s just as bloody creepy.

A man in Singapore is due to appear in court because he’s been hiding toothpicks inside bus seats so that people stab their arses when they sit down on them. Wuthefuh.

The 60-year-old used three toothpicks per seat, and pricked them through the leather, costing the SBS Transit bus company SG$1,300 (£714) in damages, as they had to re-cover the seats. Not to mention the money spent on plasters to repair passengers’ butts.

A commuter, Shervella Wong, posted the following images on Facebook, and I guess, erm, trigger warning?


The strange toothpick-man will appear in court on September 27, where allegedly he will plead guilty, and face up to two years in prison.

“What you in for?”

“Putting toothpicks in bus seats. You?”

“Blu-tacking wooden chip forks to park benches.”


So check your seats before sitting down in the future, yeah? Because even if there aren’t any toothpicks in the seat, there could easily be something else. Like chewing gum. 

Trust me.

(Images: Shervella Wong)