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Is this the most over the top private jet ever made?

Is this the most over the top private jet ever made?

Is this the most over the top private jet ever made?

So this is how the one percent take their holidays.

The Four Seasons hotel and resort chain has just lifted a considerably large veil on its newest luxury offering: a series of private jet experiences will offer well-heeled tourists the chance to hop between a variety of destinations, flying aboard a customised Boeing 757-200 ER.

There are four tours taking off in 2016: 'Timeless Discoveries' has a 24-day itinerary, taking in Los Angeles, Kona, Bora Bora, Sydney, Bali, Chiang Mai, Taj Mahal and Mumbai and Prague before finishing up in London, all for a mere $132,000 (£87,263) per person (with a double booking required). 

For the same price, you could take up the 'International Intrigue' offering, heading to Seattle, Tokyo, Beijing, the Maldives, the Serengeti, Istanbul, St Petersburg, Marrakech and Boston. 'Extraordinary Adventures' is even more lavish, visiting Austin, Costa Rica, Lana'i, Sydney, Langkawi, Mauritius, the Serengeti, Petra (or the Dead Sea) and Lisbon for $137,000 (£90,541).

The "budget" option at $106,000 (£70,070) is entitled 'Cultural Escape', stopping off in London, Petra and the Dead Sea, Dubai, Seychelles, the Serengeti and Florence before returning to London. 

Check out the video below to see Four Season's pimped plane - and if you're feeling flush, you can enquire about bookings here. Did we mention we make exceptional flying company?