Taiwanese design teacher is MUCH BETTER than your design teacher

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David Cornish

How good at drawing are you?

As in, if we asked you to draw us a horse, would you be able to conjure up something of equine proportions, or a four-legged accident that could readily be a cow?

Either way, we assure you your sketching skills are woefully lacking when compared to one Chuan-Bin Chung.

Chung is a visual design lecturer at Shu-Te University in Kaohsiung, southern Taiwan, with a specialism in the human anatomy. Whether working on chalk boards or white boards, his creations are the sort of thing we'd happily spend good money to gawp at in a stuffy art gallery. He's even got a YouTube channel dedicated to his lectures.

Assembled below are some of his most awe inspiring works. We'd never clean the board ever again...

"Look. Look how good I am."

Musculature on point

Pro proportions

Whiteboard skills

Smile for the camera

This is better than most Marvel villains


Skip through this to see him create an armour-clad warrior

He's just showing off


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