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Taiwanese design teacher is MUCH BETTER than your design teacher

Back to the drawing board with your poor skills

Taiwanese design teacher is MUCH BETTER than your design teacher
07 June 2016

How good at drawing are you?

As in, if we asked you to draw us a horse, would you be able to conjure up something of equine proportions, or a four-legged accident that could readily be a cow?

Either way, we assure you your sketching skills are woefully lacking when compared to one Chuan-Bin Chung.

Chung is a visual design lecturer at Shu-Te University in Kaohsiung, southern Taiwan, with a specialism in the human anatomy. Whether working on chalk boards or white boards, his creations are the sort of thing we'd happily spend good money to gawp at in a stuffy art gallery. He's even got a YouTube channel dedicated to his lectures.

Assembled below are some of his most awe inspiring works. We'd never clean the board ever again...

"Look. Look how good I am."

Musculature on point

Pro proportions

Whiteboard skills

Smile for the camera

This is better than most Marvel villains


Skip through this to see him create an armour-clad warrior

He's just showing off

[Via: Design You Trust]