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The swineapple is the next big BBQ trend and you'll either love it or hate it

You thought the pizza thing was contentious...

The swineapple is the next big BBQ trend and you'll either love it or hate it
04 August 2017

Say what you want about the humble pineapple, but you can’t dispute its versatility. 

SpongeBob uses one as his house, irredeemable weirdos throw them on their pizza, hipsters have them plastered all over their festival shirts, and occasionally they form the basis of nonsensical viral music videos. Fair play, pineapple.

But I really don’t know what to think about this, the latest pineapple-related craze to sweep the internet. Introducing: the swineapple.

Credit: Whiskeyjelly/Imgur

The swineapple isn’t a brand new concept, but as we approach the tail end of BBQ season it seems to be getting a lot of attention. If you hadn’t already guessed, it’s basically a combination of pig and pineapple – swineapple. To make one and turn every damn head at Uncle Alan’s garden party, you gut the pineapple, stuff it to the brim with seasoned strips of pork loin and wrap it in bacon, before giving it a good five hours in the smoker. 

Full preparation instructions (with lots of nice pictures) can be found on Whiskeyjelly’s Imgur page.

Unsurprisingly, foodies are divided on whether or not the swineapple is a very good or very terrible idea. Comments online range from, “I would honestly marry this and try to have babies with it” (WesTexMex) to “Da fuck is this shit??? I at all..never” (Ircobo). One user (ShoopDeDoop) simply states: “Fruit and meat should never go together.” Involve this fruit in any meal and controversy will inevitably follow. 

Personally, I’m conflicted. I won’t have pineapple anywhere near my pizza, but I had it in a burger not long ago and, well, *kisses fingers pretentiously*. My gut says the swineapple could present a fruity overload, but I’m also easily won over by crispy bacon. Bring one to the BBQ I’ll definitely forget to organise and I’m willing to give it a shot. 

But this isn’t about me. Study the swineapple from every angle and let us know what you think.

(Lead image: Whiskeyjelly/Imgur)