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Sweariest-ever movies: Uncut Gems hits top 10, thanks to F-bombs

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Sweariest-ever movies: Uncut Gems hits top 10, thanks to F-bombs
Marc Chacksfield
03 January 2020

Uncut Gems, the new Adam Sandler movie, has been getting praise across the board. But one accolade it will perhaps be most proud of, is that it's hit the top 10 of the sweariest movies of all time.

The movie, about a jeweller looking for the next big score, is in at number seven on the list - beating other sweary movies, including Straight Outta Compton, End of Watch and Alpha Dog.

The movie with the most F-bombs is one called, naturally, Swearnet: The movie. It manages 935 fucks in 113 minutes. It's a doc about swearing so a little unfair that it is on the list.

Uncut Gems is pretty potty mouthed, with 408 F-bombs in 135 minutes. Stats fans, this equates to over 3 a minute.

The folks totting up the swears are none-other than Screen It!, a site for parents who want to know just how safe movies are for kids. So, it's essentially a site where kids can find out just how naughty the movies they want to watch are.

The top 10 sweariest movies of all time are as follows:

  • 1. Swearnet: The Movie (935 F-bombs)
  • 2. Fuck (857 F-bombs)
  • 3. The Wolf of Wall Street (569 F-bombs)
  • 4. Summer of Sam (435 F-bombs)
  • 5. Nil by Mouth (428 F-bombs)
  • 6. Casino (422 F-bombs)
  • 7. Uncut Gems (408 F-bombs)
  • 8. Straight Outta Compton (392 F-bombs)
  • 9. Alpha Dog (367 F-bombs)
  • End of Watch (326 F-bombs)

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Uncut Gems is out in the UK 10 January.