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Supreme and Nike collab on some more classic basketball trainers

Just like your mum, they're chunky but beautiful

Supreme and Nike collab on some more classic basketball trainers
24 April 2017

Right, for starters: I couldn’t wear these.

The Nike Uptempo is a classic nineties basketball shoe made famous on the feet of Chicago Bulls legend Scottie Pippen as part of Team USA’s Olympic ‘Dream Team II’ in 1996 and brought back by everyone just… *clenching fist* really fucking loving trainers of all shapes and sizes, especially when they’re restyled by Supreme, but... my ankles are too slim and I have the gait of someone for whom basketball has never been an option.

Despite my height – 6’1-ish, since you asked – I am an ambler, a tripper, with the balance of one of those plastic deck chairs. But that doesn’t mean someone won’t look good in them, and that’s what fashion is about: someone, somewhere, out there in the nether, the yonder, probably doing some cool Instagram Story where they sit on a steel girder high above Monument station, will look class in these.

Or maybe you’re tall and you have strong legs and a walk that implies you could nail a lay-up if ever called upon. Or maybe you just have an over-developed sense of style, and are able to wear things outside of your cultural wheelhouse with the panache of a young jawn gawd. 

Even leaving aside whether or not you can actually wear these bad boys, they’re undoubtedly works of modern art: The sneakers feature nubuck uppers with custom leather and reflective SUP-REME branding across the in-and-outsteps, with elastic 'gores' across the tongue, for extra stability - you know, for when you play basketball in these super expensive, ultra-rare trainers.

Available to buy from Supreme on April 27th