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Superman Gets A New Power

Superman Gets A New Power

Superman Gets A New Power

What do you give the man who can stop a bullet with his eyelid?

Answer: the ability to turn into a massive uncontrollable super flare.

Not content with being invulnerable (except when there’s a tiny green rock nearby), Superman is to be given a new power and new-ish costume.

In a move that will no doubt cause the purists to post some very reasonable and considered comments on Reddit, Geoff Johns and John Romita Jr. are revamping ol’ steel features in their Superman #38 comic.

In an interview with USA Today, Johns says Superman’s new ability “is the most destructive power Superman has”. 

Judging by the pictures, the threat of a catastrophic flare up is not the only thing Supes has to worry about – just look at those new fingerless gloves he’s wearing.

Nothing says super hero like slightly improved finger dexterity in cold conditions.

The historic new story is available right now in all good comic book shops.

You’ll believe a man can operate an iPhone in temperatures of 2 degrees.


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